Ear Candling

An Ear Candling treatment is a wonderfully relaxing treatment and helps to remove compact and excess wax within the ear and treat sinus issues.

An ear candle is not as scary as it sounds! It is made from a cotton linen soaked in honey and beeswax and I use a variety of flavoured candles with added essential oils including lavender, orange, sandalwood and rose.

The candle when lit is placed into the outer ear and the heat from the candle helps to soften any compact or excess wax which is drawn out of the ear as the heat rises back up to the top of the candle. As well as wax, this treatment removes toxins and impurities and enables the ear to start its self cleaning process.

During the treatment, you may hear fizzing, popping and cracking as the candle works to remove the wax which is completely normal and a very soothing, relaxing sound. The flame burns down to the red line on the candle which ends the candling treatment.

Once both ears have been treated, the Client is asked to lay on their back and we will then carry out a facial drainage massage to further remove any toxins and lymph to enhance the benefits of this wonderful treatment.