Food Intolerance, Sensitivity Testing and Vitamin / Mineral Guide

Do you suffer from:
Irritable Bowel
Skin problems
Sinus problems
Weight gain

A painless procedure on the finger tip that gives instant results, using the Dietx programme known as an Electro Dermal Screening.
The most commonly found food sensitivities are wheat, dairy products, yeast, sugar, chocolate, citrus fruit, coffee and tea.

It is very difficult for clients to accept the concept that foods we consume and enjoy on a daily bases are the ones causing us harm. As the body is continually bombarded with the same kind of refined foods it is placed under a great deal of physical stress.

By eliminating these suspect foods from your diet for about a month, then re-introducing them one by one, you will be able to see if your body is able to safely tolerate them.

The vitamin and Mineral test provides you a guide of your vitamin and mineral status.  As a qualified practitioner i can advise you on the appropriate supplements that your body may need.

Vitamin and Mineral Testing without the food Intolerance:  £25